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NYFW - Alycesaundra.L

Kicking off the New Year of FASHION, fun and Runway, is the events at the heart of New York City this month. We are so proud of Alycesaundra L Designs, who presented her collection at the 2020 Art hearts Fashion Week show in NYC this weekend. Alycesaundra Lyerly is well known for her sibling power with her twin, Giavanna. Both girls jumped into the public eye at just 4 Years old, featured on the popular reality show, Toddlers and Tiaras. From those days the Lyerly family have had their doors fly open for the world to get to know these firecracker personalities of "THE TIARA TWINS". Fraternal in appearance, these girls captured the hearts of many around the world, as they grew their fans got to watch them conquer from strength to strength. At Child Model Magazine our previous events have welcomed the twins to our stage, their mother, Kelly is a well respected HAMU artist apart of the #CMM Backstage team. Both girls have grown within the pageant exposure from the Television Shows popularity on TLC and have both taken their own pathways in their individual passion. We see Giavanna continue her love for modelling in both print and runway, with her sisters full support, Alycesaundra loves to attend all the events supporting her sister, but she expressed her own unique interest, in Fashion.

Photography Credits: Dez Santana, Dani Geddes and Arun Nevader

Alycesaundra L. Was born with her own creative spark, supported by her family and learning the art of being a seamstress. She has Always been well known for her creativity. She first started designing at the age of 4, inspired by her mother's dress shop. One day when a girl was visiting the shop, she stumbled upon one of Alycesaundra’s designs and insisted she wanted to wear it to her pageant. The girl ended up winning, and it was then that Alycesaundra realized she wanted to pursue design. Although she is now 12, she is already a very established designer, and has had the blessing of presenting her collections at New York Fashion Shows for the past 5 years.   Alycesaundra describes her designs as “one of a kind, luxury couture, high fashion for the stylish Tweens & Teens.” We at Child Model Magazine do find it inspirational to watch our #CMM Family grow, We are proud of Alycesaundras Achievement in the Fashion Industry and enjoy seeing what comes next with her creative collections. Visit for more on this impressive young designer.

Growing Up - The Tiara Twins and Child Model Magazine 2013 - Present Credits: Sullivan Blue, Lisa Terry Weaver, TLC, Kelly Lyerly

Alycesaundra.L Promotional Collection Video -

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