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Marie Belle Couture - A Railway Tale

Presenting "A Railway Tale" Motion and Still Picture by Dani Geddes for Child Model Magazine

About Marie Belle Couture I have always been attracted to flowers since I was little girl especially roses with their different cheerful colors and amazing aroma just brought happiness and joy in any blooming day, as I grew up I felt that being a female is like being a rose so soft delicate like rose petals, full of sweet scent diffuses in the air and gets stronger as it blooms and grows in full bloom yet have thorns to protect her self well. I became more attracted and appreciative to floral.

Can't agree more with Christine Dior saying, " After women, flowers are the most divine creations “. Also Miranda Kerr saying " a rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose . All flowers are beautiful in their own way and that’s like women too " My name is Mary and I am the owner, crafter, and designer behind Marie Belle couture My goal is to make every girl / woman celebrate her beauty in any occasion small or big in a joyful, romantic eloquent way. Couldn’t find anything better than expressing that except with our fine couture floral dresses accessories each flower is made with highest quality materials available, and my attention to detail is second to none. Over the past five years I’ve spent my time honing my skills with hair accessories, party decorations and you got that right I was inclined to make flowers!

You’ll find a wide variety of high quality floral accessories in my store including a wide variety of styles and colors. Take a look around and you’ll quickly see that shopping at Marie Belle couture is like an enchanted romantic garden waiting for you to walk through and pick your personal flowers to accentuate your natural beauty and celebrate it every time you can.

I love what I do, and the joy I feel creating such pretty things every day!

Each item you see in my shop is hand crafted at my studio, with loving care and attention. Your purchase will be packed and shipped, by me, nestled in pretty tissue and a sturdy box so it arrives safe and ready to wear.


The Editorial

Photography by Dani Geddes Models: Lillie Faith, Madison McDougall and Thomas McDougall South Carolina, USA HAMU: Luxe by Lou Fashion Creation by Marie Belle Couture On a hazy day in October we ventured out on location to capture what I felt was the perfect place to set my story. I have worked previously with Mary with a beautiful gown earlier in the year and we had planned to tell a story and make something a little different than she is used to with creating her take on vintage clothing that made us feel like we had transported back in time. We visited a Railway Station in a small town nearby, it seemed like the perfect place to begin... At the time I had no real tie to the station or plans to make anything around that, but as we approached my mind just thought of the 1970s Classic, "The Railway Children" It is a childhood favourite of mine that I share the love with my mum, usually on set I am photographing in waves of ideal focus, however this time I felt like my mind was creating a story for me unconsciously. We travelled back to the main town and explored some beyond beautiful streets in the historic area. Some beautiful homes, Mansions that had so much time attached to them I felt like I could jump into a film at any moment! Whilst taking pictures in the surrounding area one of the home owners returned home and she invited us onto her property to use her beautiful Garden and exterior scenery, the grounds were so visually pretty and exploded my mind with my storytelling, after the shoot we connected with the owners listening to some great stories about the land, the children explored and also listened to stories about the surrounding properties. We met their bengal cat and had fun rocking back and fourth taking in the late sun of the afternoon. Sometimes things really do happen for a reason and we were so thankful to have this added experience during our time telling the tale with this beautiful fashion. Collabaritvely I was able to not only show my vision through stills, but even made what felt like a short silent movie to attach everyone to the past and connect the emotion to the vision I was seeing. So thankful to all the team involved and the wonderful talents of the Child Models who participated in this memorable project.

Dani Geddes Photography


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