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2019 HAMU of The Year

First off I cannot be more shocked and grateful to receive CMM's Hair and Makeup Artist of 2019! How blessed am I that I get to do what I love... hair and makeup have always been a creative outlet for me since I was growing up. In high school I was the one doing everyone's hair and makeup for prom. Once my girls started pageants I began taking on clients and from there I realized that it was something I really enjoyed. It wasn't just the hair and makeup I loved so much but instilling the confidence in every single client that sat in my chair. From there, I got into more of the acting a modeling industry and that's when MUAHbyCOURTNEY was born! I've worked nationwide from headshot sessions, editorials to runways. I've been blessed to work at Fashion Weeks in LA, New York and Dallas. After the past few years MUAHbyCOURTNEY has grown into so much more than just hair and makeup. Thus the rebranding... I am pleased to announce that from here on out MUAHbyCOURTNEY will be known as SO MUCH MORE. I have added services such as tanning, styling, event planning and so much more. Each day that I get to do what I love makes my heart smile. Again thank you to everyone for you love and support.

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