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Spokesmodel Lakyn Campbell

Meet Child Model Magazine Spokesmodel and Jr Editor Lakyn Campbell

In late 2014 Child Model held a search for a Junior Spokesmodel.

The Search proved to provide an enormous array of talent yet one in particular clearly stood out.

With a face as sweet as her heart , there is no denying this girls got talent.

Forward to the present 2017 and and what was intended to be a one time spot is still going strong.

Lakyn has proven not only to be a talent at what she loves but a inspiration to those around her.

To those at Child Model as well as her piers , Lakyn has become like family .

It was our honor this past December to announce Lakyn as Lifetime Spokesmodel to Child Model.

What are Lakyn's Favorite Things

Who does she find inspirational

Who will she introduce us to

Stay tuned for features coming soon by Child Model Spokesmodel and Jr Editor Lakyn Campbell

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