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Mini Mocks Trend

Looking for the perfect pair of shoes for your little one this summer? Mini Mocks is your answer! This company’s attention to quality and detail in every shoe is evidently seen throughout their newest collection. More importantly, each moccasin is individually hand crafted using vegetable painting, free leather toxins, and organic cotton jersey. Because Mini Mocks are made in its entirety with natural components, these shoes can cause no allergic reaction!

Designer Petra began her production of children’s moccasins in the fall of 2013. Her artistic journey into this field has been phenomenal. Her passions towards creating ideal footwear for children lead her to begin to sketch and design a multitude of new and unique moccasins for the little people. Child Model is impressed with Mini Mocks effort to make a sustainable shoe which is harmless to the environment or its inhabitants. These shoes should definitely be put on your to-get list. They will add to the style of your children’s wardrobe while also being unbelievably comfortable for the little one.

Just think of how adorable your child will look with these on.

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