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Tommy Hilfiger Launches Inclusive Line for Disabled Kids!

Every now and then we are surprised with trending fashion related news, and this time around it couldn’t be more exciting: Tommy Hilfiger has just released an inclusive collection for kids with disabilities!

Partnered with Runway of Dreams, “a nonprofit organization working with the fashion industry to adapt mainstream clothing for the differently-abled community”, the Hilfiger company developed their pre-existing spring/summer 2016 line and modified each piece to make them wearable for kids with disabilities. To accomplish this, certain closures and measurements were altered to provide more comfortability. Buttons and zippers were replaced by magnets and Velcro for ease of access. The waistband and sleeve lengths were modified to be adjustable to make it easier to dress a disabled child!

Child Model Magazine is definitely in love with this news! It is amazing to see that the fashion industry is opening up to more consumers across the board and is continuing to break down boundaries! This collection, which was released Tuesday, February 23rd consists of 22 pieces and prices range from $18.50 to $42.50. As if the good news couldn’t get any better: The pieces are already available on their official online store!


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