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Reboot School Outfits

School is already well on its way to being done! So, let’s finish this semester out with a bang. Have you been rocking your best outfits to school? Come check out our tips for your child to finish off the year on the right foot!

Classes have already started and it seems as if the busy days are only getting busier. We’re going to give you a little help to make easily comfortable yet stylish school outfits! First, it is important to check and see what your child already has in their wardrobe. Then if you need a few more articles, it could never hurt to invest in some more! Buy new shoes for his or her daily routine and new accessories that give a renewed look to them!

Tip 1: Jeans, sweatshirts, and t-shirts! These are basic looks that will never goes out of style! Remember: comfort comes first. And you know that costume that your kid never takes off? Exchange it for this coat inspired Super Hero from the Stela MacCarteney Kids collection! A more playful look for happier study days!

Tip 2: New Shoes! Bet on the ‘Whites’, which have been nailing Street Style for seasons now. They are versatile and neutral enough to go with almost anything!

Tip 3: We also chose delicate and fun t-shirts for you to include in your child’s look!

Tip 4: Bags! Bags! Bags! Backpacks for all tastes and styles!

Surprise your kids with a little more details, there is always a good reason to make their school time better!


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