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Mischka Aoki (A Luxury Children's Brand)

It has been a long time coming! Luxury brands are breaking away from the tradition of only catering to adult wardrobes and have now started investing in luxurious pieces for smaller consumers. Big name brands have started to create successful children's line: having a staple piece from a major designer company is a reality in the lives of many mini fashionistas. One of the major brands to do this is Mischka Aoki, who just released their new collection full of tasteful pieces.

With that being said, we need to talk about these super luxurious dresses that, without a doubt will become a desirable item for many. This luxury children’s brand is amazingly detailed! Every piece in the collection is of romantic style which has ample amounts of layers of tulle and is embroidered with 24 karat gold. As if this collection couldn’t get any more decadent, hundreds of Swarovski crystals are within each design. Red Carpet worthy, right? This treat, which costs a couple thousand dollars for each dress, is available for sale exclusively at Harrods Department Store in London. This is definitely a dress for little girls to dream about. A girl can dream right?

Check out these jaw dropping looks!


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