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Fun & Fun

“With a love of vibrant colors and statement prints, Fun & Fun designs playful and imaginative clothing for girls and boys”! - Fun & Fun Official Site

This Italian brand started its fashion show with a break dance on the Pitti Bimbo's catwalk and what followed next was a parade full of funky looks. Fun & Fun offered a variety of looks for your little one from leather bomber jackets, knit sweaters, baggy joggers, and coats to name a few. This entire collection was simply designed well. From the prints to the innovative silhouettes, this collection was everything short of perfect! The boy’s line consisted of plaid and circular minimalist’s prints with the color palette of grey, black, and white with a hint of blue. From the Fun & Fun collection, the boys can choose from denim pants, insulated coats, knit sweaters, long printed tees, sneakers, and trendy joggers.

For the girls, in addition to minimalistic prints, romantic prints are also seen on well-structured dresses and skirts. The girl’s collection also consists of beanie hats, scholarly button down shirts, Ivy League and long sweaters, leather shorts, structured pants & jackets, and neck ties. The color palette for the girls’ collection: mostly black and metallic silver, also followed by a hint of blue!


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