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Right from the beginning of Desigual's fashion show, you can notice the inspiration spurring from graffiti and street art. Its influences are seen within the collection’s colorful and modern pieces! Graffiti, the most known form of artistic expression, dates back to ancient times with examples seen throughout Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Roman Empire. Described by Webster as “a kind of technique and an artistic activity, which consists of scrubbing or painting of words, signs, pictures on the walls of buildings in public places”, graffiti is a way you can express yourself with no limits.

The grunge style characterized most of the pieces in the collection and definitely had its place in the catwalk. Plaid shirts and dark jeans were present throughout the line for both girls and boys! The sporty and romantic look was also present in Desigual's catwalk. The collection is comfortable, affordable, and allows your child to relax and just be themselves. There will “be no limits” to the amount of movement your child can do in these designs. Be free!

Sources| Webster Dictionary

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