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Mayoral Brand

“Mayoral prides itself in designing high quality, versatile pieces bursting with personality and fun, affordable style”, according to its official website. Looking at their newest line, this statement pretty much wraps up the entire collection! The intergalactic universe is the theme of the collection that flirts with the sporty style. Neutral and metallic tones are the colors for the season. The collection is characterized with bubble coats, metallic fringe skirts, children’s blazers, leggings, jeans, and leather jackets!

For the girls, the color palette consisted of mostly metallic silvers and greys! For the most part, entire outfits were grey with one other solid color for a drastic color blocking. For the boys, darker red, whites, and blues were used. Their sporty style was characterized by slim cut pants and jeans, boat shoes, bubble coats, V neck sweaters, and tailored blazers. Nothing beats fashionable yet affordable clothing. Go check out this amazing Spanish brand!


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