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Hucklebones SS2016 Collection

One exciting thing that we love about this New Year is the new collections and children’s clothing lines. Hucklebones SS2016 Collection are one of the companies who just released a new season full of inviting colors! These looks, which consist of pale yellows, cotton candy blues and pinks, are everything short of cute. According to Pantone, these two colors (pale pink and blue) are a definite must and just so happen to be the colors of the year.

The concept of this collection: “A trip to the underwater world” can be seen through each of the designs with scalloped edges, fish prints, and soft rounded shaping. Coral reefs influence the delicate prints in party dresses, and flowers that resemble sea anemones adorn the top of some pieces. The Peter Pan collar has its place among some pieces, but for those who prefer to escape the traditional adornment have the option of choosing between bows, laces and ruffles. Scallop dresses and jackets, striped shorts and rompers are the choice for those who are seeking a more relaxed looks.

Key looks for the season come many forms of dazzling gold lamé shift dresses with 60's detailing and the signature Hucklebones double collar.

The ocean’s colors and shapes are inspiration for the pieces of this season!

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