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Monnalisa Brand

When it comes to class, charm, and elegance, Monnalisa knows best. This Italian brand is a “leader company in the childrenswear high market segment and was founded in 1968 by Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci” according to it’s official website. The brand’s fashion show was held in the luxurious Palazzo Corsini, which complemented the entire collection. The designers grabbed inspiration from the children’s story Alice in Wonderland and the results are truly amazing! This collection is everything short of lavish and is characterized by muted pastel colors in contrast to the bold ones. Throughout the line you can see pastel rosy pinks, subtle neutral tones of white, beige, and brown, bold deep yellows, reds, and blues. Romantic floral prints flooded the surface of the volumized skirts and cascaded along the sides of bows and pantyhose for added touch. Besides floral prints there are polka dots, tartan, animal print and even little bears!

Like Alice, the models looked very posh while gracing the runway. Designers of this brand invested in faux fur and coats to please every taste pallet. Traditional cardigans, long chic coats, and bright shoes with glitter application are added to this collection in a harmonious and delicate way. These looks seem to have come straight from a fairy tale! Nothing more needs to be said. Check them out now!


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