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ASPERI| More Intergalactic Children’s Fashion!

More than seventy Spanish brands were shown at Pitti Bimbo this year, an international fair of Childrenswear! Pitti Bimbo is a key event where designers from across the world showcase new lifestyle trends for the kids’ fashion industry. Among the many organizations that were present, ASPERI, the Spanish Association for Childhood Products showcased their trend in an amazing look book. The association’s book STAR KIDS revealed the newest trends of 2016 with amazing imagery. Throughout the look book, we can definitely see the strong influence of Intergalactic fashion which has been predicted to rule catwalks around the world!

STAR KIDS has a plethora of galactic inspiration throughout the collection, so there should be no surprise that the color story consists of tones of Milky White, Stellar Black, Laser Red, Techno Green, Gold, Silver and Galaxy Blue, with rosy hues. We love these vibrant colors! The girl’s fashion line uses deep navy blues and purples, tons of colored faux fur, and unplanned polka dots throughout the fabric mocking the starry night sky. The boy’s line mostly uses silver, with both royal and navy blue as trim or solid colors. Denim, comfortable t-shirts, polos, and hooded lettermen sport jackets are also seen for the boys. The entire collection consists of technical fabrics, natural cottons, bold geometric shapes, and embroidery of metallic gold and silver which illuminates each look!

Don’t miss out! Go check out the STAR KIDS look book!

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