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Boboli 2016 | Shining Stars

Boboli’s universe was also illuminated by shining stars and took to the runway this year! Along the runway, the Spanish brands child models lit up the catwalk by walking with hand held flashlights giving the audience a show of adorableness. Metallic hues and a contrast of neutral and bold tones dominated each look throughout the collection.

For Boboli, we see sultry silvers, whites, tans, browns, blacks, and bold red and blues! The brand exhibited an overall sporty meets grunge look which can be seen in the style of the jackets, scarves, vests, and enormous ski goggles. The dark slim fit jean adorned with hanging chains characterizes the collection with a grunge feel. The overall look of the collection screams sophistication with a mix of casualness, which resulted in its huge success. The psychedelic runway with the space themed back drop also contributed to the coolness of the show!

Look below at the pictures from the show!

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