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Mummymoon | AW 2016

The key to success for dressing the little ones is to always dress for comfort! Let’s face it, what child wants to be stuck in uncomfortable clothing for any period of time? Whether your child is about to go for a run in the park, a formal dinner party with family and friends, or to school, it is important to make sure that he or she is comfy. Not sure how to accomplish this? Well, you have come to the right place! Read on to gain some excellent insight on putting together the perfect chic look that will also ensure the convenience of play time.

Here at Child Model, our tip is to go for the minimalistic look! An outfit with these characteristics offers a fashionable yet comfortable feel to the overall look. For this fall season, creating outfits with solid colors of maroon, mustard yellow, gray, white, and black will save you the time of deciding what your little tike should wear. These tones and hues will work well with anything that you come up with because you can always dress up or dress down the look with added accessories of course!

Looking for a brand that will follow this comfortable yet fashion forward style? Look no more! Mummymoon is a children’s brand based out of northern Europe which sells in the USA, UK, Denmark, Korea, and Japan. It is known for providing “outstanding quality and timeless style” and is launching their winter collection now! According to Mummymoon’s official website “Our Demi Couture offer features solely handcrafted garments both for distinctive every day wear with a touch of minimalism, and one-of-a-kind apparel of a more striking design for special occasions.” This type of clothing will ensure certain exclusivity and because of this, the quality of handmade products tends to be higher. We took a look at the new collection and we couldn’t help but to feel delighted! These clothes are perfect for any occasion.

Mummymoon’s look book is full of new clothes!

Come with us to check out the looks!

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