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Photography Highlight| Vika Pobeda

If there is one thing we absolutely adore here at Child Model Magazine, it would be great photography! Photography makes it easy for anyone to go out, explore, and create images without needing any artistic ability or training. You could literally just set auto and go! However, good practice and constant training of the eye is never a bad idea. Great photography is the difference between a high quality magazine and something that is not.

If there's a photographer that we can all agree is astoundingly amazing, it would be Vika Pobeda. According to her website she is “Russian, but currently living in the United States” and does editorials and life style photos that are worth the extra glance.

Pobeda is well known as an internationally famous fashion and advertising photographer of children and baby toddler and kids based out of Los Angeles, California. Her specialization is commercial kid’s fashion!

You have seen those awesome shots on Pinterest. Some of them probably were shot by her.

For our happiness, she released a series of beautiful photos that have not yet been published. And of course we came here to show you firsthand!

Come, see, and enjoy them with us!

Sources| Vika’s Official Site|

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