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Expanding Horizons| Carter’s

We all love good news! So here is some as it pertains to new and expecting Mommies and Daddies. Every mother-to-be certainly has already heard about Carter's awesome reputation before the birth of their newborn! Carter's, Inc., also known as the William Carter Company, is a major American manufacturer of children's apparel. The USA department store brings together all that is necessary to welcome the new member of the family with beauty, quality and a good price.

As there is nothing like this in Brazil, the store became an obligatory stop for the Brazilian expecting moms that pass through the USA, who often return with suitcases crammed with bibs, clothes, and all sorts of cuteness of the infant universe.

For those who identified themselves with the situation described above, there is great news! The Riachuelo is bringing Carter's to Brazil! The Carter's in Riachuelo promises to bring together a mix of products for the little one's first year. The idea is that you can buy the whole outfit in a practical way, in one place.

Are there moms celebrating? We're super excited to check out the news!

Sources| All images from Carter’s website (

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