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(Basics)Piece that never go out of style!

January is the month of sale, and Child Model will be the one to help you to choose the pieces that never go out of style for a lower price! Take a look below to see all of the basics that belong in every child’s wardrobe!

Jeans of course! Jeans are convenient and fast for the day to day, and you can choose between pants and shirts!

​White shirt: Whatever pattern that stands out this season, the white shirt is the key part that neutralizes any look!

​Cardigans: We always take a cardigan wherever we are, after all, cold or not, it’s a way to protect our children. And let’s face it, they are super versatile! Neutral shades are must have for any look.

These parts are indispensable in the wardrobe of our fashionable children for the whole year! Take your time and buy everything they need without spending too much!

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