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Kardashian Kids Holiday 2015

Who knew? The Kardashians are taking the fashion industry by storm with their latest children’s wear clothing line! The Kardashian Kids holiday collection designed by Kourtney, Kim and Khloé features just the right amount of elegance that every child needs in their wardrobe around any holiday season! Fun filled with faux fur, glitter, and tons of soft textures makes this collection anything short of luxurious. This collection embodies a futuristic vibe with a neutral color palette of whites, butter cream, gold, and brown, perfect for this time of year! What is even more unique? Each piece is interchangeable with any other piece in the line which allows a lot of versatility and more options among other things!

Kardashian Kids paired with Hooligans Magazine for their new issue to make a point that photographers can work from the same garments/collections and end capture the essence of them all so differently. To do this they selected three photographers who were asked to individually style their holiday line. Featured here is what photographer Eliza Logan styled and shot using the Kardashian collection. She chose to capture a more modern, futuristic, fashion world and overall she was successful at creating something we have never seen before!

Source| Photography, Styling: Eliza Logan Photography

Makeup: Martin Lane Christopher (@martinlanechristopher) Assistant: September Dawn Bottoms, Wardrobe: Kardashian Kids, Shoes: Nina Shoes, Models: Brynlee, Kaitlyn, Leah, Lucy

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