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Valentina Ortiz

Child Model recently had the pleasure of sitting down with 2014’sTop Supermodel of the Year Valentina Ortiz! Read on to find out what she has planned after Child Model, her tips for aspiring young models seeking to follow in her footsteps, and her most exciting parts of working with Child Model Magazine!

Image by Lilly K. Photography

H/M by amazing Kellie Ewing

Dress by Bonnie Young

Child Model: What has been your most exciting part about working with Child Model Magazine?

Valentina: Well they have honestly been so amazing to me! I seriously love everything I have done with them and the opportunities they have given me!

Child Model: What are your future endeavors?

Valentina: Well, I have recently started training for rhythmic gymnastics back in San Juan, Puerto Rico and one of my goals is to be in the Olympics.

Child Model: Wow that is pretty exciting!

Child Model: So, do you have any advice for kids who are aspiring to follow in your footsteps? Are there any tips you could give?

Valentina: Just always have fun and be yourself! Also never give up on what YOU want to accomplish.

Child Model: Yes, I agree this is most important!

Child Model: What is your most favorite trend out now? Do you have anything that you see in the magazines that you just have to have?

Valentina: I always have to have some bedazzled things! I am a sparkly girl so I love to have the jeans with glitter or jewels on the back pockets!

Child Model: Cute! Lastly, do you have a favorite designer?

Valentina: Oh my God! I have modeled for tons of designers so it’s really hard to choose but they are all really amazing! Getting the chance to work with all of them was also pretty amazing!

Well, there you have it! Keep your eyes peeled for this Olympic hopeful! I have a feeling we will be seeing her in the near future!

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