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Gucci Kids Collection: Alessandro Michele

Old news to some and new news to others: Earlier this year, Italian designer Alessandro Michele was named the new creative director of Gucci! Everybody anticipated his upcoming collection and was excited to see his personal creative touch, and now it is finally here. When his first collection for adults launched, this gave us all an idea of what to expect from the designer for the years to come! Our wait is finally over because he has finally debuted his upcoming kid’s collection!

This line has an antique feel to it and takes a nod to those thrifting days! Michele’s collection is filled with frills, laces, checkered print, floral print, and jackets but he spruces up the look with bright playful colors perfect for a child’s wardrobe! For the girls the looks are very feminine and embody a more romantic look which consists of frilly dresses and floral prints. There are also modern looks like the hot pink metallized jacket! For the boys, there is predominately the vintage look.

Checkered, jackets, blazers, and matching shorts are among the pieces from the collection. The emphasis goes towards the masculine look with matching sandals and leads us to the Gucci Summer Collection this year, which is classified as 'genderless'. Overall the androgynous look for this collection is soft and cool and diversifies previous collections!

We made a selection with our favorite looks from the collection. Just scroll down to check it out with us!


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