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Sci-Fi Fans Get Ready: Molo 2016

Even if you are not a science fiction fan, you will still fall in love with Molo's SS 2016! Mainly inspired by seapunk and Sci-Fi themes, its new collection brings a modern and futuristic feel into your child’s wardrobe! Perfectly on time for all Sci-Fi fans, the new Star Wars movie was just premiered. So, you could enjoy a great movie while matching the theme. How cool!

Science fiction influences are easily seen throughout the collection with the neoprene hoodies, prints and details, and denim jackets. The Molo boy’s line consists of X-ray prints and zipper jackets which has a closure above the head, alluding to most 80's Sci-fi movies. For the girls, there are neoprene jackets and colossal jungle leaf prints which were possibly inspired by Jurassic Park! Other influences for girls include the “flower child” or “girl power!”, and have outfits with the same floral print on both the pants and shirt!

If there could only be one word to describe this collection, I would say it would have to be “FUN”. You can tell that the designers truly had it while coming up with this collection because you see a variety of colors, prints, and silhouettes to choose from! Where else can you see a skeleton of a dinosaur light-savoring with an ape-like human being? It’s as if they meshed the three movies Jurassic Park, Planet of the Apes, and Star Wars all in one! As if it couldn’t get any more diverse, there are hints of athleticism with tennis and skater boy outfits. The main color is black and white, but the designers strategically added every color in the rainbow throughout the collection. How’s that for variety?

Check out Molo's SS 2016!


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