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10 Looks for Christmas!

It's almost December and Christmas shopping has already begun! If you haven’t yet, this is an awesome time to get a head start now and plan ahead. We’ve selected 10 inspiring styles that will give more sparkle to your Christmas Eve!

1 - With a night style, the black and nothing basic Guess dress has a more festive style. Its sequins adorned the sleeveless piece, and the dress is cinched and slightly round at the waist. Flat shoes, fur coat or blazer for a cold night are also used. This is a typical chic winter look!

2 - The Hucklebones London dress has a touch of femininity in every detail. The peach tone contrasts with the flow of chiffon fabric. The discreet lace adorns perfectly with the romantic and elegant idea that the look offers. Sandals or shoes go well with this look. Dress of a modest and delicate princess.

3 - Gently embroidered on gold and flowers, a perfect combination for a chic dress! Subtlety: the piece is glamorous and comes with a thin belt cinched at the waist. This is the kind of look that doesn’t need much to delight our eyes.

4- Charming, VALMAX fully focused the attention to the collar of the wool blue dress. Besides the comfort of the mesh, the piece ensures a distinctive style for a special day.

5 - The classic little black dress by Dolce & Gabbana stands out for itself through the rich details in cotton and silk. With long sleeves, straight cut, high-necked lace, the dress brings the feeling of a dress from the 50’s. Lace look for girls to stand out on Christmas Eve!

6- Velvet has always enhanced the elegance of a winter fabric, so Il Gufo softened the piece with ruffles taffeta on the sides, collar and sleeves. Conceptual, the piece asks for neutral accessories. Modern and chic look!

7 - Peter Pan collars add a delicacy to the style. The Fendi dress plays with this cut inspired by the 60’s through a silk fabric and gradient colors in pink and bright salmon, worthy of a real doll.

8 - With a pleated skirt, the Supertrash Girl dress has a gracefully feminine colored diamond print contrasting to the black background.

Cool and stylish, the dress is a light combination for a fun look.

9 - The metallic look was beautifully absorbed by the lurex dress from John Galliano. Super hype, the designer combined this trend with his trademark, the newspaper print, softening the brightness and giving shape and style to the piece.

10 - With Christmas colors, this look has two parts that match. The skirt is a lovely combination of tulle layers, increasing the voluminous effect. With an elastic waistband, the 3D flower print is the best choice for this dress.

Loved it? Get inspired by 10 different styles for this special day!


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