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Hair: The Undercut!

The undercut is a trendy haircut making a huge success among our little fashionistas! This hair style trend is versatile for both boys and girls and has trickled down from the adult fashion industry. Similar to the crew cut, the concept of this cut is to shave the back and side of the head to quickly touch up the look with volume. Most of the volume is emphasized on the top. The truth is that you can have different ways and looks to create. These variations more or less shaved; help to create a more modern look! You can match it with a quaff, Mohawk or the spiky look which has been a huge success among toddlers, dry or with gel, frontwards or backwards they are super versatile! Some brands have already begun to adopt this style, making them even trendier! This style is for all types occasions!

We selected some awesome looks of fashionable kids who have already jumped on this bandwagon!

Come to see and fall in love!

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