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Thriving Brand: Spirit Hood

The brand Spirit Hood is one of those ideas that took fire and became a super project and follows a widespread trend! The company produces caps inspired by animals and is inspired by this wild essence that they bring us. The product is like a two for one deal. It is a hat which consists of two long flaps alongside the hat which can then be turned into and used as a scarf or be left to hang a simple style choice. The best part is that 10% of the profits are donated to help species threatened with extinction. The company is American based and its products are produced in Los Angeles, California, with a high quality texture of faux fur with options for both children and adults.

This company also values its consumers and focuses on philanthropy! A boy by the name of Ronan’s favorite animal was the monkey. He had once owned a Spirit Hood monkey hat and called his “Spicy Monkey”. Unfortunately, he died of cancer when he was 3 years old. Ronan loved his Spirit Hood and used to wear it in his chemotherapy sessions. His mother is noted to have said that it “used to bring him happiness and strength”. To pay honor to Ronan, his story became inspiration for the company and to many others who have been in the same situation. Spirit Hood launched a line called “Spicy Monkey”, and 100% of the profits were donated to the Ronan Thompson Foundation which fights against childhood cancer!

The different animals that they offer include: the wolf, tiger, panda, macaw and butterfly, among many other styles. Each one of these styles represents a spirit with entails a different meaning. You and your child can choose the one you like the most!


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