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Winter Color Trend Report

Here are the best colors for winter season! Winter is quickly approaching the northern hemisphere and of course the trends of the season will come with it. With more open and cool colors and an expanded palette, here we present some pieces to stand out in this winter: Emerald, Burgundy, Navy Blue and Amber.


With a subtle tone, the emerald green can be very well presented in the winter both by the rustic and thick winter fabric and the delicate touch of a fluid dress fabric.


This wine red color is super popular and has recently made its way to the top as the color of the year (Marsala)! It brings the glamor for the season with this classic, chic and yet festive tone. Abuse the details like the subtle brocade jacket.


This open and cheerful tone dresses our little ones with a sense of freedom through the colors. Amber goes well with the cool tones of winter.

Midnight Navy

Sophistication has everything to do with that tone. More updated, princesses inherited this modern and serious tone from adults, changing it to a more subtle and stylish look!


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