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Bags: A Girl’s Best Friend

Yes, it is true bags alongside diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Even with ample amounts of them, girls are always looking for a new model for the new season or even to match with a piece of clothing that they’ve just bought.

For those who don’t know, great brands in the children’s world invest in this product with lots of glamour and in a way that remembers adults’ life without losing the gracefulness of a kid. Therefore, we’re going to show the trends that have been up recently:

1. Sack Bag – The It Bag of the time gained fame back in the 90s. Reformulated, it turned more colorful and bold. Practical, it matches perfectly in women’s day-to-day life, whether with dresses, shorts, skirts in cotton, etc.

2. Shoulder bag – With a Chanel style, this bag has its own characteristics, such as matelassé and chains. Many brands invest in this model as it has become a classic item that matches with almost everything. The tip is: Do not use with sporting clothes.

3. Messenger bag – The messenger bag has its own style, and it looks more like a “suitcase”, promising to make any girl even more fashion. It’s more usable with looks in which we can work on every composition, e.g. overalls, with modern and unconventional pieces! Matching it with a little tailoring and light pieces will make you rock!

4. Animals bag – We’ve recently posted this trend of animals in children’s looks, but we’re now focusing on bags, because in addition to being creative and fun, they have also become a trendy item, and let’s say that the girls become so gracious with these little animals that are part of their day-to-day life! It’s worth putting a colorful outfit for the summer (without overdoing it), and neutral pieces for winter. In this case, moms’ creativity is very important.

Did you like it? So be sure to invest in this accessory that girls love so much!


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