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Lace Trend for Girls

Lace is a trend that will always remain in style and continue to invade all wardrobes. Now they are coming back full-fledged in a more modern and sporty way. The delicacy and femininity of lacing can add instant style to anything! It is a classic fabric that has resisted fashioning trends over the years. Full of vintage charm, lace patterns appear in modern productions while being delicate at the same time.

With its success over seasons, the lacing style is already part of the day to day of fashion designers and has a permanent spot in women’s wardrobe. A diverse range of laces allow this sophisticated trend to appear in any season. The lightness of the fabric and its transparency can add charm to any production and complement many styles. In overlaps, applications, prints or laminated, the lacing style appears in dresses, pants, leggings, shorts, jackets and details.

To play with the idea of minimalism versus maximalism, lace patterns were combined with parts in leather, neoprene and nylon. In addition, they also appear in contrast to heavier parts and sporty looks. You can also bet in silk fabrics whose print copies lace patterns – the trompe-l'oeil effect refreshes the visual right on time. The lace patterns gain even more glamor when combined with fine fabrics.

Here are some looks from major brands that have invested in the lacing trend.


Miss Grant, Elsy, Dolce & Gabbana, La Stupenderia, Mayoral, Liu Jo

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