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Beauty: Long Bob For Girls

Many moms have doubts when choosing a practical and stylish hair cut for their daughters, so today we’ve brought a new haircut that all girls are talking about: The “Long Bob”.

Famous artists have already adopted the “Long Bob” and it won’t be different with your little one. We will show you that this style goes beyond a matter of “fashion”. Rather, it brings freshness and versatility in every woman’s day-to-day life. Furthermore, whatever the structure of the hair is, it fits to curly or straight hairs.

Long hairs are really beautiful, but only moms understand how hard is to take care of a hair like this! This haircut goes from the chin to above the shoulder, replacing the much used “Chanel”. But it’s also not that short, so it’s possible to make a hairstyle, with a looser bun, a ponytail and even variations of braids. One of the advantages beyond convenience is: it dries faster. You can switch with straight or cut frayed bangs. It depends on the mom’s taste and the opinion of a hairstylist. More glamorous, it’s simple, but different from other haircuts and enables us to ensure a super contemporary look.

Let’s cut it! Get inspired! Enjoy!

Photos From: Zara, and Polkonikova Katerina

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