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Polka Dot Trend

And Polka Dot never goes out of style…

Polka Dot prints emerged in the 50’s, entered the time tunnel and landed in our closet with full force. Today, in addition to black and white, there are numerous color combinations for us to choose, whether in skirts, blouses, dresses and even accessories. More about this print!: In the 50’s, the print of polka dots, also called petit-pois or poá, was enshrined in the looks of the pin-up with a fun appeal, setting the style of the postwar period, personified by the diva Marilyn Monroe.

The first record of the term “polka dot” appeared in 1854 in the literary magazine Yale, Volume 122, page 7. However, the use and the origin of this patterning emerged long before. This print became common in clothes in the late nineteenth century in the United Kingdom, and researchers indicate that the pattern became popular with the arrival of Eastern European immigrants in America, also in nineteenth century. They brought the Polka, a very lively Polish dance that was very successful at the time (the post-war period was a time of relaxation, prosperity and joy) and circular movements of this cheerful dance inspired the creation of the print.

Others attribute the “paternity” of the Polka Dot to the film producer Walt Disney, because the Minnie Mouse character was created in 1928 and he wanted something different from the traditional stripes and plaid, — which used to rock in fashion catalogs of the time — and the little mouse became world famous with its wonderful outfit of polka dots. For those who like to mix drawings, but don’t know pretty much how, the polka dots are a great way to start; after all, they are easy to match. Choose pieces with similar colors or mix with neutral tones. Jumpsuits and dresses are other great options for summer.

I selected some photos of top brands that used the Polka Dot print in their collections. Pich the one that most suits your child!

Brands Crediteded: Oilily, Mayoral, La Stupenderia, Dolce & Gabbana, and DeuxPardeux

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