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If you’re the kind of mom who likes to dress your kid quickly, either with a dress or an overall (unique pieces), you will certainly love this new trend! Versatile, stylish, and the best quality among these when wearing a child, COMFORTABLE are all qualities only the overall features. This practical piece came to simplify our combinations. Long or short, it is easily incorporated into the fashion world! Whether in Jeans, printed or plain, you can pick a special occasion or simply abuse the style in your day to day with a sportier look. From shoes to sandals, with jacket or blazer, bag or backpack, invest on accessories at the right time. Stella McCartney dared with the red satin monkey and oriental cutting style. Moschino’s brand, as usual, abused the colors and prints, mixing leopard and tiger. Pale Cloud kept the neutral and elegant shade of silk fabrics used in its clothes.

Check them out below!

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