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The Akid Brand

It is not the first and won’t be the last that we talk about Akid brand, we love every little thing they launch! But MINIMODE nailed too!

Together, they’ve created a limited edition of sneakers with a fun and totally updated with the world’s everyday life style and nothing better than the so-called emojis, which have so much to do with our daily smartphone way of life to make these little sneakers to stand out in your kids’ little feet.

The model has the signature of the brand, with over-the-knee boots and soft canvas, and you can choose two color options: pale blue or mustard (emojis of faces and rockets for us to want one of each).

A great partnership? Yes! This is what we’re talking about! So much that Aston sandal is the result of this amazing union.

Launched in summer, the model shows comfort and style and yes, we want this combination for your children!

Now, check it out the new prints in models that have been a success since the brand entered the market. It is impossible not to love!


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