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The Adorables!

Child Model loves staying on the inside of all the news from the social networking's world and all that relates to the children's world. So imagine our excitement to discover The Adorables, the cutest social network of the moment! Not heard yet? We will explain!

Created by Children Salon, The Adorables works like this: You share the most beautiful pictures of your little ones and interacts with others, "loving" and commenting on the images.

Besides being a great way to stay tuned on the cuties of the children's world, The Adorables also has an attractive that will make fashion moms fall in love! It turns out that, when posting a picture of a kid, it is possible to mention the brand that they're wearing. In other words, the social network gives that friendly help when you want to copy a look.

We made a selection of cuties that we found there. Come say "Awwwww" with us!

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