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Sportive Mood

Sneakers are an item that goes with everything, and for kids they are a great option for any occasion when we talk about comfort and freedom.

Incredibly they got a space in more casual environment, first in the catwalks for adults, now in the catwalks for kids too.

Petit by Sofie Schnnor invested in this “sportive mood”, a style which combines delicate and casual pieces having the sneakers as the main star!

Dresses, skirts, pants for girls, social shirts and blazers for boys: weird? That may sound weird, but it’s a way to break the pattern and rebuild some forgotten looks, of course you have to be careful with the look you’ll choose, but it’s a nice option to wear in your daily life.

New Balance stands out with this new trend, the model goes very well with the purpose. Besides the variety of colors, you can wear them to substitute flats or social shoes.

Match them with printed pieces like a more sophisticated pair of pants and you’ll have a modern, chic and sports style. Everything together!

Now think about the matches, it’s certain you have all these options in their little wardrobe!

So, do you accept the challenge?

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