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French vs. Italian Fashion (Children’s Brands)

Italy, along with France, are the major design centers of clothing and accessories in the world. It is not by chance that fashion has always had a unique role in the Italian culture and society, with Italians known worldwide for their refined way of dressing. This refers to what they call “La Bella Figura”, which means “to make a good impression”. The design in Italy dates back the XI-XVI centuries, when the artistic development of the country was at its climax, with Italy being the great European cultural reference at the time. Cities such as Venice, Florence, Milan and Vicenza began producing shoes, hats, cosmetics, jewelry and rich fabrics. However, during the XVII-XX centuries, Italy loses its strength, giving France the title of great cultural reference of the continent.

Currently Milan is considered the capital of the fashion world, occupying the 1st position in the ranking published in 2009 by the Global Language Monitor, while Rome occupies the 4th position. Among the cities that compete annually for this position are Paris, New York, London and Tokyo. In children’s fashion, it could not be different. This industry is very well developed in Italy and in France and has the best brands in the world. However, the French style is quite different from the Italian. Which one do you prefer?

Today, more than ever, style can be global. With the internet and the speed of information, it’s difficult, almost impossible, to separate fashion by country – except, of course, in more extreme cases of religions, etc. Nevertheless, the same reference that inspires a girl in a metropolitan city like New York is within reach of a girl in the countryside of Brazil.

Trends spread without we even realizing where they come from, where to go...

But, yes, there is an essence, a local starting point. It doesn’t have to do only with personality or personal style, but also – and primarily – climate, environment, atmosphere, schedules, etc.

Italian fashion is more exaggerated. The Italian girl likes to show up, to be noted. She like sparkles, lace, circle skirts, silks, satins, jewels and embroidery. The palette of colors is usually pink, blue, white, beige, red and navy. The important is the appearance, the matter of “La Bella Figura”; on the other hand, the French fashion is more low profile, more discreet. French people do not like exaggerations; the pieces are cleaner and more classical, and the French woman often has a definite idea of what to buy when she goes shopping.

She does not buy a dress just because it's fashionable, but she thinks about the efficiency of what she’s going to wear. Above all, it’s the versatility that counts. The color palette has more neutral tones, and colors like beige, brown and mustard stand out. A gleaming rotated dress might be amazing in the shop window, but not always suits for family lunch on Sundays. The French girls give priority to comfortable clothes and high quality materials.

In France, women actually give more importance to quality than quantity. What goes for food and wine also goes for fashion. In short, the quality of life that counts most in the French lifestyle. Here are some photos that represent very well the Italian style and the French style. With which one do you identify more?


Quis Quis

Dolce & Gabbana

I Pinco Pallino



Tartine et Chocolat

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