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Hot Polish Brand: Kloo by Booso (FW 2015-2016)

The Polish label Kloo by Booso offers cool basic clothing and accessories with surprising details made from beautiful fabrics. Inside out seams, reverse stitching, unfinished hems and oversized tags and buttons are characteristic of this label. The muted grey, beige, white and black colors give a minimal feel to the line while the pops of mustard yellow and orange are a fitting compliment. This brand is a modern and comfortable style for girls and boys! This upcoming collection included cardigans, T-shirts, pants, dresses, beanies, scarfs… In short, extremely comfortable but classy children’s wear in the sizes age 0 to 8 years old. Kloo by Booso is a small scale brand with only a few retailers on their stock list, so here is a great chance of getting something unique for your child's closet. They also have a beautiful Instagram for those hooked on this wonderful media.

To see the rest of their collection look below!


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