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Hot Brands: Mischka Aoki FW 2015-16

For the Fall/Winter 2015 season, Mischka Aoki plunged into the Greek mythology to turn the legend 'The Judgement of Paris ' into a children's fairy tale. In Aoki's version, however, none of the three goddesses had to be choose as 'most beautiful'. The beauty of the three of them is recognized. After all, each one has a peculiarity that makes them unique and includes a clear allusion to each piece of the collection.

According to Children’s Salon, “From rich layers of tulle to exquisite embroidery, the couture creations of Mischka Aoki are fit for a princess”. Tweed reappears this season embellished by handmade sewing, Swarovski crystals and tulle, which gives a touch of sophistication to the look. Coats and capes also have a guaranteed place in the collection and complement the party looks for cold days.

In the color palette for this season, shades of golden brown, pink and pastel blue and beautiful metals. Highlighting some pieces that appear with golden flowers and embroidery are the materialization of classic luxury and a romantic feel. The novelty of the time is a limited collection, where long dresses are presented in a luxurious and elegant packaging. Check out these breathless pieces!


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