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Hot Brands: Six Hugs & Rock N’ Roll

This Belgian children’s brand Six Hugs & Rock N’ Roll by graphic design artist and mother, Anne Smolders has a rebellious yet exciting feel! Six Hugs & Rock N’ Roll is a singular and contemporary name for the new generations influenced by Rock N’ Roll and blends graphic design and street art. Interestingly enough, the designer chose to feature her three year old daughter’s drawing repetitively and use it as a print for her collection! What’s more? All the products are ecologically friendly, even the hangers are made of recycled material. That’s Amazing!

The winter campaign proved the versatility they bring us, with a good humor; the clothes harmonize cool prints with different colors. Seroquel pants, tracksuits, legging pants, t-shirts and sneakers match easily with comfort and style. The accessories were essential for the collection: bibs, caps, and scarfs and provide choices of attitude. Vibrant oranges, blues, blacks, and grays are consistently used throughout the collection for an electric feel!

Be sure to check the video, a super tip to parents who like to wear children with fashionable clothes!


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