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Minimalism: OMAM Imini FW 2016

Thinking of optimizing the pieces of you and your child’s wardrobe? Minimalism has disappeared but is quickly regaining recognition! Fashion minimalism assumes that quality is better than quantity and values timeless and versatile pieces with basic colors and prints that match each other. This way, our clothes gain a more useful life and are more difficult to be overcome by trends.

As people we love to stay tuned on what's new. So, we looked for children's brands where it was possible to set cute looks following the minimalist style and we found the beautiful OMAMI mini. The Los Angeles brand was launched in 2012 by the trendsetter Ola Omami and by illustrator and designer Natasha Mileshina. From the beginning, the duo had their minds set on making comfortable and stylish clothes.

We checked the OMAM Imini's Fall/Winter Collection and loved it! The clothes are super stylish and most importantly fit perfectly with the minimalist concept. In other words: One look, a thousand possibilities. In the color palette, predominantly basic shades like grey, white, black and brown are present. To break the seriousness, the mix of fabrics such as cotton and leather gave a cool look to the pieces of the Collection.

The prints are basic and fun, usually matching the color of the clothes. But the faux fur coats made us fall in love and are a must-have in a girl's wardrobe. So many beauties...Come check it out with us!


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