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Jelly Shoes: Fall/Winter 2016

Glass slipper is so out of fashion! Now the style is to use jelly shoes... either slippers, sandals, sneakers and even boots! Many parents talk about the comfortability for children’s feet and there is a huge variety of brands investing in this issue that is so important in your child’s life. Our tip for today is: jelly shoes! In addition to being warm and more “adjustable” to their little feet, the colors, patterns and even formats have gained a recreational look.

“Melissa”, a Brazilian brand has been showing up in other countries with their creativity and amazing style. The brand created a cool concept so-called “My first mini Melissa”! Animals and ties are part of their graceful and special releases...It’s worth checking these pieces out in Childrensalon! Dolce & Gabbana also has a new line of jelly shoes with unisex colors and a versatile model.

The rubber material is trendy for any environment. On rainy days you can use Hunter’s traditional rain boots, super interesting models and new colors to complete the look. I’m sure that you, Mom, have already had a rubber sandal in your childhood, so now it’s time for your kid to have this experience in a much more exciting way!


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