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Trending: Back to Black and White

The return of black and white, a more dynamic and dramatic look reduces an uptight look and allows you to play with new prints! The combination of black and white pieces is a classic trend which leaves every person looking effortlessly fashionable. Check it out the brands that brought this cool and irreverent trend back!

A neutral color palette is a real balance in this style that matches black and white. Choose thicker stripes and graphic prints, alternating these tones with a tailoring fabric for the boys! It also has cap and bag in addition to the clothes we're used to! That is, we can put it all together and mix the accessories without fear...

The monochrome is here for the girls. Modern, this mix of textures with black and white won new ways to increase this nothing basic style! Play with pieces of two different styles, a sports jacket and that most delicate skirt with a little round fit.


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