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Il Gufo Pitti Bimbo Spring|Summer 2016

The Il Gufo catwalk was taken by the nature's elements, beginning with the forest that served as backdrop for brand's fashion show! Savage gardens and wild beaches served as inspiration for the collection, which prioritized the comfort and freedom, combining lightweight fabrics with neutral colors.

The linen was the highlight, appearing in the most varied versions and, in the color palette, the white and blue appear to be combining with neutral tones, which makes it easy to match the pieces to compose a look. Strong colors are also present for those who like more extroverted looks. Shades of yellow, pink, blue and red ensure a relaxed production.

For the boys, comfortable fabrics stand out for the special treatments and colors featuring an “aged” look. The elegant looks are due to the polo linen shirt which was a unique take on upcoming style.

In this collection shirts with mandarin collars combined with long trousers, checked or striped seersucker Bermuda shorts, and polo shirts or T-shirts was prominent for boys. The striped shirt also appears with plain shorts, making the perfect combination for a walk to the beach.

The casual pieces of the collection bring fun prints and multi-colored fabrics. For the boys, surf style with a touch of freedom. For the girls, espadrilles, flower petals, tulle and glitter crowns were common.

Come with us and see what happened at Il Gufo's fashion show!


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