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Molo Autumn/Winter Collection 2015

Molo's Autumn/Winter collection came to the stores and had some interesting pieces! For moms who love simplicity and affordability, this brand is for you!

To celebrate this season, the brand takes us on a journey through different styles that begins with a tour in the urban jungle where lions, tigers and hummingbirds show up on t-shirts and pants. Next, we are taken to the hip hop universe, which is represented by chains and other golden accessories. Finally, we land in a magical and fun world where pink cats and dogs with baseball caps are common to find.

The jeans are a strong statement in the collection and appear with several unique washes and styles, plus a new style: the “Jog Denim", a soft and comfortable jean made with sweatshirt material. Perfect for the kids! For the girls, Molo bets on lots of attitude and rock and roll! Sweatshirts with animal print, biker's jackets and glitter compose the little rock star's look.

The boys also enter in the rock and roll atmosphere that joins the sporty style in this collection. Removable hoods, digital prints and leather jackets are inspired by the baseball and are the must haves for boys. The surprise is geared towards the tattoos that comes with the street style's pieces and assure the perfect combination for the little ones with attitude.


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