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Style from Spain | Spring Summer 2016

Spanish brands gave the world a preview of what lies ahead in the Spring / Summer 2016 season.

Check out what happened on Children's Fashion from Spain!

  • The Spring / Summer of Barcarola is full of freshness and freedom. Cinched waists, flounced skirts, mini shorts and spring coats refer to the 50's fun. Gingham, prints, lace in pastel tones, multicolored stripes and floral embroidery complement the looks of the collection.

  • TUCTUC's collection is divided into two parts: Ice Pop for girls and Pineapple for the boys.

Touches of neon and fruited colors it is the bet for the girls. Ice Pop prints are combined with geometrical forms, giving a unique look to the pieces. For the boys, the pineapple prints are a must have for summer days. To complete the boy's wardrobe, urban pieces with a little bit of a beach style will do the trick!

  • ​Desigual

The classic handmade stroke print is the star of the season for the girls. Sequins are also present and give a festive air to the season. Denim is also coming on strong with very different treatments. The Boy Collection includes two universes: Tropical and pirate.

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