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British Style: Fall/ Winter 2015

It’s interesting to get a glimpse of what is currently trending in other countries! Today, let’s visit Europe! For the girl who loves some good news, here goes some: There's a new brand on the block! The British brand “Oh...My!” makes its debut in the fashion world with a Fall / Winter collection that will make the little it girls fall in love.

With clothes for girls aged 5-11 years, “Oh...My!” brings floral prints with a modern touch, graphics and some 60's inspirations to the season. The Fall / Winter color palette is presented in two parts. In the first one, the deep jeweled tones create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere. Highlights in the blue and black shades come with a slight metallic, ideal for special occasions.

The floral print brings a retro air for dresses and skirts that, with the Peter Pan collar blouses, makes the perfect match for romantic combinations!

“Oh...My!” already hit the market showing that is here to stay and took the 'Rising Star' award for the best debuting launch brand in the Bubble London this year. This is one more reason to be aware of the brand's new features.

For those who live in London or are just passing through the city, this brand is totally worth taking a look at. And to leave you with an idea of the new collection, here's a sneak peek:


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