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Fall/ Winter 2015 Trends: Boho Style

Everybody knows: the kids fashion is indeed a little late compared to the adult fashion, but gradually every kid gets some of the essence of the styles that mark the walkways of the adult fashion. Boho is the abbreviation of the bohemian style of the seventeenth century, considered a symbol of freedom and a “lighter” way of dressing, precisely for being comfortable and following a hippie line.

From accessories to loose and full of prints pieces, we’ve selected 6 tips for you to turn your fashion daughter into a Boho Girl!

Hat: The most influential accessory of this trend, better known as Floppy, has more wide brims and can be easily inserted into the Boho style. Just let your daughter’s hair loose and natural. Note: If your daughter has long hair, invest in thinly random braids to give her a trendier look!

Pants: now it’s time for the Flare pants, the old wide-leg pants which were widely used before, but came back with everything to make up the Boho style. Match them with white tops, you’re going to nail it!

Print: which print most characterizes the Boho style? Geometric, of course, a key print to rock your world! In details or spread in a lot of drawings, we just love it!

Fringes: This detail does not go unnoticed EVER! Many brands have invested in fringes and reproduced them in shoes, purses, blouses, skirts... easy multiple choices for you to find!

Glasses: Glasses don’t need to be necessarily rounded, but we seek to plunge into the Hippie vibe. Widely used in other decades, this model looks great in children!

Kimono: last item in your list and as important as the others, you can use a kimono either with or without prints, with flare pants and more basic look below!

Quick tip: Match earth tones with neutral colors. Also, the little black dress can show up everywhere! How do you like it? Share it and have fun!


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