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Timeless Floral Trend: Fall/ Winter 2015

It’s not the first time we see this print here. The floral trend has always a new version every season. This print marks its presence every time and somehow matches gracefully in the most feminine looks for little princesses!

We are delighted with the way they have been applied in pieces of new campaigns. Large flowers were all over the dresses of Monnalisa and Love made Love. But the highlight today goes to the dresses of Lesy Luxury with embroidered flowers. You can even remember the Cinderella movies, assembled by a fairy godmother full of ideas. Floral print is exuberating and surely will brighten up your wardrobe!

Basic tip: match the floral pieces with neutral tones!

We’ve selected some super key pieces and combinations for you to use at festive events and let our little girls even trendier. Find the best look!


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