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Foodie Trend: Fall/ Winter 2015

Who doesn’t love delicious food? Burgers, fries and a lot of sweets are gaining ground in the wardrobe of our little fashionistas. No, you did not read wrong! Leaving the obvious aside, some brands have invested in appliques and prints with these mouthwatering designs.

In addition to being fun, the game has become a trend among famous brands: the fast-food foods covered dresses, jeans, lining jackets and even accessories!

Designer Monnalisa Jakioo always invests in new prints and this time the goodies were part of a more recreational collection, without letting the look less feminine. The pleated dress and the “college” style jacket were one of our highlights!

That thick winter jacket that almost no one gives much credit for will never be the same after this lining full of delicious-fat-food that everyone loves!

Billybandit bet on this mix of foods, dynamic prints, with typical colors from high school like red, blue and basic jeans! A super tip for getting back to school!

How do you like it? Match some nice pieces and improve your kid’s style!


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