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Mommy & Me

Choosing your daughter’s clothes is probably the nicest activity you do together, as if you were dressing a real doll. This trend has been bombing among famous moms such as Kim Kardashian, who has harmonized clothes with the same tone of North West. It’s been a long time that many moms like to focus on the Mini Me style, matching their looks with their daughters’. Thinking about it, let's give a little help to those moms who do not know where to start!

Child Model selected 3 current inspirations for you to invest without fear and have some fun choosing your Mini Me looks...

Clothing: There are several brands that sell same looks. Dolce & Gabbana glamourized this idea! But for simplicity you can search parts that already exist in your daughter’s wardrobe and in yours; jeans shirts, distressed jeans, skirts, i.e. in the next purchase, try to harmonize your pieces with hers. You can even go to play dates with dresses of the same color. There will be a lot of compliments .

Hat: Bet on the Floppy model with the wide brim, as in addition to being super fashionable it leaves both of you with super cool effect. It is easy to find for adults. For girls, Joy Folie graced us with this accessory for young divas! Add in some matching shoes to go with!

Hair: Buns are always welcome and when it comes to this delicious madness of being a mother, this hair type brings style and practicality!

How do you like it? It’s now time to put this into practice and choose a good look for both of you.

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